Long COVID or Post-COVID Syndrome

Have you felt frustrated at the poor care you have received since developing Long COVID?

It can be extremely difficult to get the care you deserve because most healthcare providers and physical therapists are not trained in knowing how to help individuals with Long COVID, POTS, Fibromyalgia, or ME/CFS.

Post-exertional malaise (PEM) is one of the top symptoms that individuals with Long COVID suffer from, and about 50% of individuals suffering from Long COVID develop Myalgic

Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

ME/CFS is a debilitating condition that substantially reduces a person’s ability to participate in all life activities including work, school, exercise, social and recreational activities

Our Long COVID physical therapy specialist, Clayton Powers, DPT, has worked with hundreds of

people suffering from Long COVID and symptoms of post-exertional malaise (PEM) and


Our therapists understand that all forms of exertion can trigger PEM and will try to minimize the

likelihood of worsening your symptoms before, during, and after the session.

We will not prescribe or advise you to exercise if you have ME/CFS. We will work with you to provide

an individualized, collaborative approach to reduce your PEM episodes and improve your quality of


Clayton Powers, DPT

Our therapists can help you with addressing the following symptoms:

We offer virtual and in-person appointments. 

For additional information, watch this video: